How long does the job take?

3 days

Is the kitchen sprayed on site?

No, approximately 95% of the kitchen is removed for paint spraying in our factory and re reinstalled thereafter, The balance is painted by roller in-situ.

Is there a difference In colour between the paints used for spraying and what's used for painting it-situ?

No, the same paints are used for both, thus keeping the colour the same throughout

Is the paint hard wearing?

Yes, the paint is of the same quality  used throughout the kitchen trade,

Is there a choice of colours?

Yes, a colour sample board will be provided. If a colour cannot be chosen from this you can pick any colour from your nearest D.I.Y. or Paint Shop and we can have i1 formulated for paint spraying.

          Full range of Farrow & Ball available

Can I see a sample of a paint sprayed door?

 Yes, a door will be provided showing the orginal stained timber look on the back and the new paint sprayed colour to the front.

Can I change my worktops and tiles at the time of the kitchen re-spray ?

Yes, tradesmen can be recommended to carry both of these tasks.

My handles are old and grubby. Can I change them for a newer type of handle to compliment the change in colour?

Yes, the original hole -which was used to hold the handle in place will be filled and spayed over which gives you a new door to which you can fit a new handle anywhere..

Can you fit handles?

Yes, handles are supplied aid pity, on request and will he quoted for in 1h if original quotation.

Can I see a previous kitchen which has een re-sprayed ?

Yes, We would just have to arrange a viewing with a former customer.

Is it expensive?

No, from experience kitchen re-sprays cost from approximately €750 to €2350 which is fraction of the cost a new kitchen.

How do I keep my kitchen looking new once fitted ?

It is recommended that the kitchen is cleaned down regularly with a damp cloth. Spray polishes such as Mr. Sheen etc. can eat into painted surfaces, reducing the lifespan of the finish.

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